Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinky's Westside Grill

Pinky's Westside Grill is located outside of downtown Charlotte.  I have been to Pinky's a couple of times and it does not disappoint.  A plus for Pinky's is that they have a lot of vegetarian options.  I decided to go with Big John, which is a 6 oz chicken breast, fried or grilled topped with swiss cheese, bacon, honey mustard, lettuce & tomato on a seeded bun.  I got the Big John minus the bacon with waffle fries.  The sandwich is really good but nothing unique about it.  The waffle fries are really good.  I would also recommend the veggie chili and falafel.  You can't really go wrong with anything on the menu and the service is really good as well.

Mac's Speed Shop

Mac's Speed Shop is located in the South End, right outside of downtown Charlotte.  Mac's Speed Shop is awesome all the way around.  I went for lunch on a Tuesday and it was packed.  I ended up going with the Chainsaw's BBQ Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion and pimento cheese with a side of fries.  The sandwich was really good.  I was impressed with how there pimento cheese mixed with the BBQ flavor.  The fries were cooked well.  With the Chainsaw's BBQ sandwich you can choose from a list of toppings, it's basically like creating your own sandwich.   I liked this place a lot, the service is great and food is priced really well.  Plus they have numerous amounts of different types of beer.  I will be going back.

Kickstand Charlotte Burgers n Bar

Kickstand is located in the plaza midwood area, next to loco lime.  I like kickstand, we went on a Wednesday I think and it was 50 cent wings.  I got the naked buffalo medium wings, 8 count.  The wings were nice and crispy and sauced really well.  The wings had a lot of flavor and I could have probably ate 100 of them.  Next I moved onto the entree.  I got the running machine with tater tots.  The running machine is a turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, bacon (i didn't get bacon), bleu cheese crumbles, avocado ranch on a wheat bun.  The burger was really good.  The mix of flavors between the turkey burger and the avocado ranch really gave the burger a lot of flavor.  As good as the burger was the tater tots were a lot better.  The tots were really crispy and came out piping hot.  I really enjoyed the food and it was priced well.  The service was good as well.  Side note I would not recommend any burger with a veggie patty.

Brooks Sandwich House

Brooks Sandwich House is located outside of downtown Charlotte.  This place is a hole in the wall and like most places that are this way, they are really good.  I did not like Brooks at all.  I ordered a chicken sandwich and fries.  I didn't think either were good.  The chicken was bland and the fries were worse.  The only reason this place didn't get a 1 star is because the price was really cheap.  I guess I should have expected it.  This place was awful.  It cost me roughly 3 bucks.


Smashburger is located in stone crest, which is in South Charlotte.  I have been to Smashburger a couple of times.  Each time I have gone I have gotten the Buffalo grilled chicken sandwich and smash fries.  The sandwich comes with Frank's RedHot Buffalo sauce, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on an egg bun.  Frank's red hot adds that extra kick of flavor which made the sandwich more enjoyable.  The blue cheese is a good balance to the spiciness of the hot sauce.  I enjoyed the sandwich a lot.  The smashfries are always good because it's a twist on normal fries.  Smash fries are tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.  Overall the service is ok but the food is good.  I will be going back.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mexquite Mexican Eatery - CLOSED

There are a lot places like this around Charlotte.  Just to name a few there is Qdoba, Salsarita’s and Moe’s.  There aren’t too many options on the menu but I didn’t really expect too many choices from a place like this.  I decided to go with a chicken burrito.  I got rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, queso, Mexican ranch, and corn with chips.  The chips come with each entrĂ©e so I got hot salsa and more Mexican ranch on the side to dip with the chips.  The burrito was good and my number one thing in a burrito is to make sure the rice is cooked properly.  I have been to other places were the rice is like glue and that doesn’t taste well.  At Mexquite the food is prepared well and the rice was good.  The flavors were good and the veggies tasted fresh.  The hot salsa was middle of the road salsa and was more watery then chunky.  So it depends on how you like your salsa.  In my opinion it is hard to make a bad burrito.  Overall I don’t probably wouldn’t go back because it taste like every other burrito place I have been too.  There is nothing special that makes this place stand out in my mind.  For around $8 you get a good amount of food.  The food is very filling.

Greco Fresh Grille

Lately I have been craving Greek food and trying to find a good place that has flavorful twist to traditional Greek food.  A cousin of mine told me about this place so we went and checked it out.  It is located in South Charlotte, in the Blakeney shopping center.  I got the grilled chicken breast gyro with cumin and garlic fries.  They also offer lemon oregano fries and plain fries.  The chicken is flavored well and grilled well.  The chicken had a hint of lemon to it as well which mixed well with the tzatziki sauce.  Inside the gyro is long cut onions, tomatoes, lettuce, tzatziki sauce and chicken.  The gyro is basic and there isn’t anything unique about the dish until you get to the fries.  This is the first time I have ever had cumin and garlic fries.  My one concern about the fries was that there was going to be too much garlic.  When I bit into the fries I was very surprised, the flavors of the cumin and garlic went very well together.  The garlic was not over bearing at all and I would say I was very impressed with the fries.  For about $8 to $9 you can have a chicken gyro and a very generous portion of fries.  I have been back and I would go back again.